I Know Nothing
Gerhardt & Ute Ostertag are German artists. Since 2007 they are living in Philadelphia. Both love it to merge their talents in multiple art projects.

Gerhardt and Ute Ostertag want to revive the biblical message by communicating it in a new way. They do this by using modern art, sculptures media and plastic works.

The Ostertag’s view themselves as both, people who seek and ask questions related to spiritual matters and as people who convey and interpret the biblical message. With this kind of exhibitions they create unconventional approaches to the Bible and wanted to give people something to think about. They know how to make the Bible (and the Good News) alive in modern, appealing and often provocative way. In doing so they particular have those in mind who have no connection to Christianity. They dare to translate biblical texts in a very concrete way to the modern people and the situation they live in. When looking at their work you will feel that they themselves are moved by Jesus and the Good News.

In their exhibitions the artits avail material who normally are much used to stage store windows. This includes shop window mannequins, neon signs, light effects and three-dimensional displays etc. This may be is garnish and unusual at first sight, but that’s just why people are inclined to stop and have a closer look. By using the same materials decorators actually use themselves the artists manage to create a professional appearance.

Gerhardt studied Photography, Multi Media Production and Journalism
Ute studied AV Media-Design



2012 Philadelphia/USA, Group Exhibition — RSVP2 Luella Tripp Gallery
2006 Stuttgart/Germany, Traveling Exhibition for the German Bible Society “Lebensbuch”
2004 Remscheid/Germany, Youth Exhibition Concepts “True Stars”
2003 Karlsruhe-Durlach/Germany, City Hall, Solo Exhibition “Blackbox No 1” Multi Media Exhibition
2003 Oberhausen/Germany, Tabgha Youth-Church, Solo Exhibition “Blackbox No 2” Mixed Media Installation
2003 Öhringen/Germany, Castle Öhringen, Solo Exhibition “Blackbox No 3” Mixed Media Installation
2003 Hockenheim/Germany Solo Exhibition @ LAGA-Hockenheim, Installation
2002 Stuttgart-Ostfildern/Germany, Bible Theme Parc @ “LAGA-BW” Multi Media Installation
2001 Mainz, Market Church, Dual Exhibition @ “Gutenberg Year“, Mixed Media Installation
2001 Barth, St Jürgen Monastery “DenkArt” Permanent Solo Exhibition, Multi Media Installations
2000 Hannover/Hildesheim/Germany, St Andrew's Church, Solo Exhibition @ EXPO 2000 - Mixed Media Installations
2000 Hockenheim/Germany, City Church “3 D Thouhts” – Mixed Media Installations
2000 Berlin/Germany, Traveling Exhibition “Ansichtssache”
1999 Bremen/Germany, Solo Exhibition, HAFA Exposition Center, Installation
1998 Louvain-la-Neuve/Belgium, University,Solo Exhibition “3-D Thoughts”, Mixed Media Installations
1998 Puschendorf/Germany,
Diaconal Institution Puschendorf, Solo Exhibition, Mixed Media Installations
1997 Nuremberg/Germany, Exposition Center @ Pro Christ, Solo Exhibition “Plastische Gedanken”, Mixed Media Installations
1997 Greifswald/Germany, University, Solo Exhibition “Plastische Gedanken”, Mixed Media Installations
1997 Halle/Germany, Market Church, Solo Exhibition, Installations
1996 Kiel/Germany, University, Solo Exhibition, 3-D-Installations
1996 Erfurt/Germany, Prediger Monastery, “Luther Year”, Mixed Media Installations
1996 Göttingen/Germany, St Jacobi Church Solo Exhibition, Mixed Media Installations
1996 Worms/Germany, Municipal Library (Haus der Münze), Dual Exhibition “Luther Year”, Mixed Media Installations
1996 Dresden/Germany, German Hygiene Museum, Special Solo Exhibition, Installations
1996 Ülzen/Germany, SELK-Center, Solo Exhibition, “A Program Called Babylon”, Installations
1995 Bochum/Germany, Ev. Akademy, Installations
1995 Leipzig/Germany, Exposition Center, Group Exhibition, Plastische Gedanken, Mixed Media Installations
1995 Tübingen/Germany, University TB, Solo Exhibition, Installations
1994 Stuttgart/Germany, Stifts Church, Solo Exhibition, Installations
1994 Laichingen/Germany, Café 17, 3 D Pictures, Solo Exhibition, Installations
1993 Stuttgart/Germany, Solo Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Athletic World Championship, Installations
1993 Mannheim/Germany, Castle of Mannheim, Solo Exhibition, Plastische Gedanken - Mixed Media Installations
1993 Siegen/Germany, “Mene-Tekel” - Installation to works of Otto Dix, Dual Exhibition
1992 Naumburg/Germany, Dome of Naumburg, Group Exhibition, Installation
1992 Erfurt/Germany, Marktkirche, Solo Exhibition, Installation
1992 Erfurt/Germany, St Augustine's Monastery, Group Exhibition, Installation “Mene Mene Tekel”
1981 Stuttgart/Germany, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Annual Group Exhibition: Large Format Photography


Official supported from the World EXPO to develop a theme exhibition for the EXPO 2000 in Hannover/Hildesheim
Installations in the Prediger Monastery in Erfurt under the aegis of Secretary of State Christine Lieberknecht
Laudatory speech of Secretary of State Dr.Manfred Stolpe in celebration of the exhibition “ThinkArt” in Berlin/Potsdam
Delegated by the federal state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg to develop a temporary Bible theme park in Stuttgart/Ostfildern.
German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel attended the permanent exhibition “ThinkArt” in St Jürgen/Barth/Germany



Gerhardt Ostertag, e-mail: gerhardtostertag@mac.com

Ute Ostertag, e-mail: ute_ostertag@mac.com

Association Memberships
The Association of Children‘s and Youth Museums, Germany
Wuerttembergischer Kunstverein (Art Association) Stuttgart, Germany